Evaporator Coils in Tank (ECT)

The SIC-ECT Chiller range include a fully integrated buffer tank for close temperature control and chilled water circulation pump, all uniquely designed in a packaged system that can reduce on site footprint and installation costs. 

The unique design of the evaporator provides a big advantage, capable of supplying chilled water directly out at 0 deg C, without the requirement of an anti-freezing agent (Glycol) to prevent the water from freezing.

Chillers can be customised for water flow and pressure operating temperature and for corrosive environments. For use in a variety of industrial and process applications including plastics, food manufacturing, mining safety showers, concrete batch plants and to cool hospital machinery.



  • Insulated stainless steel thermal buffer tank
  • Supply water pump
  • Internal water bypass valve
  • Refrigeration system 
  • Scroll, screw or reciprocating compressor
  • Air cooled epoxy coated refrigeration condenser
  • Coils in tank style evaporator
  • Digital temperature controller 
  • All motor starters and controls
  • IP55 electrical cabinet

Optional customisation:

  • Very high or low water (glycol) temperature (sub zero chilled water supply)
  • Suitable materials for operating in hot, dusty and corrosive environments
  • Ducted installations
  • Variable speed drives
  • Site electrical or control specifications
  • Duty/Standby Pump configuration
  • Close (+/- 0.1°C) temperature control




The ECT Chillers are suitable for many applications including (but not exclusive to); 

  • Plastics
  • Food manufacturing
  • Mining safety showers
  • Concrete batch plants 
  • Medical machinery cooling