Evaporator Shell & Tube (EST)

Summit Industrial Chillers have a wide selection of EST Chillers to suit many large or complex cooling applications. These evaporators provide superior performance and high heat transfer coefficients, while the low inner tube volume means less refrigerant leading to size, weight and cost savings. 

High quality shell & tube evaporator chillers can be designed with multiple refrigerant circuits to provide redundancy and are available with a choice of screw, scroll or reciprocating compressors depending on application.

The EST Chillers are designed for large industrial sites or hot conditions, with top air discharge for flexibility of installation. For extreme conditions, R134a refrigerant gas is used and additional specifications are available. Options include flexible operating temperature, flexible kW performance, tank and pump modules, and corrosion resistant options such as stainless steel cabinets and copper condenser fins. Suitable for many applications including mining, HVAC, data centres.



  • Durable shell and tube evaporator 
  • Scroll, screw or reciprocating compressor
  • Air cooled epoxy coated refrigeration condenser
  • Digital temperature controller or PLC
  • All motor starters and controls
  • IP55 electrical cabinet
  • Small footprint for multiple chillers in a single install

Optional customisation:

  • Very high or low water (glycol) temperature
  • Water cooled condenser 
  • High ambient air temperature
  • Ducted installations
  • Corrosive environments
  • Site electrical or control specifications
  • Close (+/- 0.1°C) temperature control
  • Extreme environments (see containerised chillers)
  • Redundancy on major components