Pump & Tank Modules

Pump & Tank Modules from Summit Industrial Chillers allow for fast site installation and minimise site pipe and electrical work to provide greater reliability and performance.

Chillers work best when coupled with a thermal buffer storage tank so that compressor starts per hour are minimised and operating conditions are kept stable for key components.

Controlled assembly in a factory environment by qualified tradespeople combined with our purchasing power as an OEM means site specific Pump & Tank modules can be fabricated at a far lower cost, and higher quality when compared to site assembled pump stations.

Containerised Options are also available. Talk to us about how we can customise for your application.



  • Tanks: made from stainless steel which are vented and fully insulated, with multiple additional water fittings available for expansion. Standard sizes range from 120L-30,000L.
  • Frame: fabricated from Dura-Gal then welded and rust treated. Can be hot dipped galvanised on request.
  • Pumps: fixed speed or variable speed, with duty specification subject to individual design.
  • Electrical: All pumps and controls are wired back to an IP55 enclosure containing all starters, switches and indicator lights. Enclosures can be upgraded and additional controls can be added on request.
  • Piping: Copper used and insulated as standard and additional fittings can be included for process water flow control including back flow prevention valves, solenoid valves and modulation valves.