About Us

Summit Industrial Chillers is an Australian chiller manufacturer that specialises in the production of customised chiller systems, pumps piping and controls.

Commencing operations in 1949 Summit became a well-known Australian refrigeration manufacturer. In 2004 Summit Industrial Chillers was formed to focus on industrial chillers. Summit Industrial Chillers was then acquired by Air Change in 2012, increasing both manufacture and distribution channels.

The Summit Industrial Chillers engineering team possesses a wealth of experience in all facets of manufacturing within the refrigeration industry. We specialise in creating quality engineered solutions for complex commercial and industrial projects across a variety of industries. A highly skilled service department is at the ready to ensure all projects progress seamlessly from factory acceptance testing to delivery and commissioning and perform seamlessly for many years through scheduled preventative maintenance.

All Summit Industrial Chillers products are thoroughly tested in the purpose built Quality Assurance Test Rig. This ensures all products dispatched from the factory meet the  needs of the customer and are export ready.

Summit Industrial Chillers provide chillers to a large range of industries including, but not limited to; mining process and machinery cooling, plastics, concrete, data centres, medical machinery cooling, petroleum, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical manufacturing, paper manufacturing, printing, steel and metal manufacturing, food processing, confectionery manufacturing , baking and air conditioning.